Photo | Funeral Celebrant, Laura King
New YorkNY 10031
United States
[email protected]

A former Buddhist nun and current non-denominational minister, Laura King was certified in 2018 as a Celebrant by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, and as a Pet Loss Grief Recovery Specialist through the American Academy of Grief Counseling. She's also a proud mom to a 26-year-old son and numerous furry “kittos” that have arrived in her life part and parcel to her feral-cat rescue avocation.

As a lover of creatures great and small, Laura founded Honoring Animals with Ceremony, a full-time celebrant practice dedicated to “celebrating and elevating the loving bonds that exist between human and animal beings.”

Based in New York City, Laura focuses exclusively on creating and officiating custom Pet Ceremonies: adoption, euthanasia blessing (and owner support), celebration of life, and healing and release ceremonies for veterinary staff and animal rescuers.

Supporting clients to adjust to pet loss is part of her practice, both in the context of working with them to create very personal ceremonies, and as a private pet loss recovery coach. Please learn more be visiting Laura's website: