Photo | Funeral Celebrant, Peter Preble
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There is nothing more difficult than saying goodbye to someone you love.

Taking the time to honor and celebrate the life of a person who has died can help those who are left behind find comfort, peace, and a way to go forward with hope.

Family and friends are all gathered in the same place at the same time in a caring and comforting setting. All share together in a spiritually meaningful, carefully created ritual which celebrates the life of your loved one, yet does not deny the often overwhelming sadness of the occasion. Even in the face of profound loss, it is possible to step into life, again, as we join together in tribute to our loved one’s memory. This is the first step to healing.

Together we will find readings, poems, music, and ritual that weave the web that was their life. You are assured the final approval of the ceremony before the service.

Whether the deceased honoree is religious, secular, interfaith or unaffiliated with a particular religion, I specialize in creating and officiating personalized, dignified, and memorable Celebrations of Life.