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In normal times, we perform both in person and virtual life celebrations/funerals. We are unique in that we have a team located throughout the U.S. During this time, we want others to know that we provide a virtually hosted gathering. We know that it is hard enough to know that because of this ruthless virus, some will end up dying alone. And on top of that, the loved ones left behind feeling they have nothing to help sustain them, other than a pat answer that there is no way to know when their family member’s body will be released or buried. 

I want to change that for them, if only for a few moments. Myself and a few others are Certified Celebrants, all are anywhere from non denominational to more traditional religious leaders (retired priest/rabbi). All of us are humanists who perform through respect, positivity and humor. We are here to help people, in all communities, and let them know that the loved one lost is where they need to be for now… and not just lost in the chaos.

Life Celebration’s mission, is provide a virtual connection that helps families and/or friends find some peace while suffering the loss of a loved one during these unprecedented times. We are at the ready to help loved ones reach out to others going through the same loss from afar. We understand that in these days of mandating we stay apart from each other is hard, made even harder during times of grief. We want to help you share a moment with the most immediate of loved ones, banded together for a few moments, to say goodbye to someone you jointly loved… if only just for now.

Most loved ones are so spread out that a point person is imperative at a time of emotional upheaval, especially so no one person feels they are carrying the load alone. Our immediate goal is to provide a smaller, scaled down, virtual gathering of those who were closest to the deceased. We don’t stop there, we continue working closely with them, using Zoom or other platforms, to ensure they know we are here for the duration.

Then, rest assured, when allowed to gather together again, Life Celebrations will provide the type of celebration the person truly deserves. Through the use of pictures, videos, favorite memories relayed by others, and the use of music or art. It is our end goal to perform all memorial services in such a way that we know that the true self of the person celebrated is accurately relayed and portrayed.

- Rev Shari, owner