Photo | Funeral Celebrant, Lorraine Cowan
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Every life, regardless of how long or short, has a story to tell.  As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant(tm) I work alongside you to get to know your loved one's story and then craft and officiate a ceremony to honour their life and bring comfort to those left behind.   

When someone dies, we not only grieve their death we also grieve our loss.  It is so important to stop, gather, and hold space to recognize this transformation. Even elephants and gorillas stop to practice ritual and acknowledge the death of one of their own.   End-of-life ceremonies should uplift and connect us at a time when we may feel profound grief and disconnection. 

There is no right or wrong time to remember the loss of a loved one through ceremony.  End of life ceremonies can be held months, and even years after a death.  

I can also help you with selecting the music, readings, rituals, and stories that reflect the life, beliefs and personality of your loved one. 

I offer: 

Funeral ceremonies
Life Tributes
Celebrations of life
Ash scatterings and Interments 
Graveside ceremonies
Stillbirth, miscarriage and ceremonies for infants and children
Pet memorials
Living funerals
"MAiD" (Medical Assistance in Dying) Ceremonies, before and after Assistance.​