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FUNERAL CELEBRANT -SERVICES AT VANCOUVER BC AREA; I have participated in over 200 funerals in over 10 funeral homes in the VANBC AREA. i am a registered associate of FUNERAL CELEBRANTS ASSOC. OF AUSTRALIA. And a former staff member of the VANBC H/Q of the largest funeral home chain in the World. I am also a professional musician-solo trumpet and lead singer-can be included in your service. My mission is to create and present a ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values of a non-religious or semi-religious celebration of life or memorial service for your loved one. I was born and raised in BC-however I have studied,worked and traveled Worldwide and am familiar with all races, religions, colors, creeds now living in the VANBC AREA. My services are in English and with simultaneous translations to nearly any language. I have worked in USA,Mexico, Costa Rica, many islands in the Carribbean, U.K and Sweden, Kenya, China,Australia,New Zealand and several islands in the Pacific-Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Nepal and more- so probably have traveled to your overseas Country or nearby-and will be sensitive to your home country values.