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The Login takes you to your ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT where you can view and update the information regarding your Main Office or Administrative Office information and add business locations to be included in our search directory.

Visit the Preferred Provider Information page to see video tours of your account and to download a Preferred Provider Guide.

The following instructions are also available by clicking the Help icon.

Our Preferred Provider system consists of an ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT and 1 or more LOCATION ACCOUNTS for each Preferred Provider. This accommodates businesses with multiple locations as well as single location businesses with a separate administrative location and staff. For the many funeral homes and cemeteries that have only 1 location they will still need to create an administrative account and 1 location account.

NOTE: Only a provider's locations will be displayed in our search directory. The Administrative account does not show up in our search results.

Creating a location is a 2-step process. First, click the CREATE A LOCATION button and complete the basic information including name, address, phone and contact person. Save the page which returns you to the Account Management page. You will now see the new location listed at the bottom of the page. Then click the EDIT button to make changes and enter additional information.

Editing a location enables you to enter extensive information about your business at that location, including:

  • Business Description
  • Photos of the Business Location
  • Special Pricing Available Online
  • Funeral Service and Cemetery Packages
  • Listing of Funeral Services with Prices
  • Listing of Cemetery Property and Services with Prices
  • Listings of Products with Prices

All of this location information is optional.

This is your listing, you can include whatever you wish. However, to take full advantage of the directory listing we highly recommend fully completing the information. This is an opportunity to capture the interest of online shoppers who like to do research on the web before they make a purchase.